Alpine SwinG

  The Alpine Swing is the King of swings. Towering up to 60ft (18M) high and swinging 4 riders a distance of up to 120ft this swing is sure to draw attention! The Ride can easily be operated by one person. Through-put is quick and easy allowing more than 300-400 riders in one day with our electronic locking padded shoulder restraints with manual lap belts. It is weather versatile being capable of  operation all year round so you have an income stream that doesn't end with the summer season- Call today to bring this oversized addition to your park or mountain!

RIde Height: 40' to 60' [12M to 18]  (ask for special heights)


Weight Limit: 300 lbs per person


Speed: 40 mph and up to 3G's


Minimum Height to Ride: 48"


Minimum Age: 6 yrs


Operating Season: Year Round


Footprint: 80'x20' [24Mx6M]


Swing Angle: Approximately 80 degrees


Capacity: 4 Passengers (2 forward and 2 rear facing)


Restraint Description: Electronic locking padded shoulder restraints with manual lap belts.


Finish Description: Zinc rich primer paint with powder coat


Brake System: Disc brake on pivot for slowing and stopping


Lift System: Winch with pneumatically released mechanism


Alpine SwinG